The Beginning of Something New


We at, are the first and only brand to introduce true men’s sizing to the medical apparel industry.

I have been in the medical apparel industry for the past 13 years.  For years I have noticed the lack of interest in the design and the marketing of men’s medical apparel.  Juxtaposed to the women’s apparel line getting all the attention.  When I first posed the question addressing the obvious difference, I was told, “There is no money in the men’s product line”.   In fact, in 2004 and previous years, men in the nursing industry amounted to less than 8% of the total market.

Today, the number of men working in the medical industry is approaching nearly 20%.  And the numbers keep rising annually.  Even with the percentage increase of men in this industry, the status quo still exists.  Most scrub companies manufacture their men’s line as an afterthought, rather than a viable standalone market.

Men’s scrub pants are the most neglected item in medical apparel. Almost every manufacturer in the scrub industry offers a men’s line.  However, the pants are nothing more than an oversized women’s pant.  When a man purchases a medical apparel pant, his size choices are very limited.  He can choose small, medium, large, and extra-large.  In some lines, the pant sizes go up to a 5x.  In comparison, the ready to wear industry gives men options.  Men’s dress slacks or jeans have a waist size and an inseam, providing true fit and comfort.

Next, I addressed the lack of design in men’s scrub pants.  I wanted to include design aspects that men truly appreciate in a pant.  These design aspects are basic fundamental features on men’s pants.  A zipper and button, belt loops, and small elastic tabs on the waist provide greater comfort to the pants.  Classic jean front pockets, in my opinion, add additional benefit.  No other manufacturer of scrubs includes all these design aspects in their pants.  In fact, only one current manufacturer provides a zipper.  Their design features a zipper with a full elastic drawstring waist with side slit pockets.  These pockets tend to flair out from the hips during normal everyday movement.  This usually leads to pocket rips and tears.

I created true men’s sizing.  Actual waist and inseam sizing, along with comfort and convenience are a requirement at  Other features, including a functional zipper, a button at the top of the pant, belt loops, and a classic jean front pocket are incorporated into all of the designs.  

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